11.23.14 INTENT / by Laura Rose

While working on a couple videos with Glen E. Friedman last month, he expressed some of the reasons why he maintains his daily blog that subsequently made me interested in starting my own.

Being a person who typically communicates through images or other peoples' stories rather than overtly stating my own opinions, this will be a great challenge! However, that's exactly why I have decided to do it.  Another reason is that, despite my fervent attention to organization and progress, I tend to go-with-the-flow and can be resistant to routine. This is one small step toward developing more discipline and effective time-management, while defining and aligning with things that are important or entertaining to me.

It is both exciting and intimidating to become a curator, with the overload of content that exists in the universe. Ultimately, I hope this to be a space of self-discovery for me, and place of inspiration for you who choose to follow along!