the skating, the scenery, the cinematography / by Laura Rose

After work today, I was shooting some photos around the beach and ran into a friend who had just gotten the James Kelly pro model from Arbor. Even though I'll never be able to use the board in the ways these guys do, it was such a fun, super smooth ride just blazing hella fast down the Boardwalk.. and it would be much better for bombing hills than my Rally! 

That experience led me back to these two James Kelly / Arbor videos when I got home. They inspire me more than most anything on the internet right now, and I've watched them countless times - never less in awe than the first time I watched. They are absolutely beautiful, and this dude is a BADASS with endless style.

In watching these (again), I discovered that GRADE, a full-length film following one year of travel with Arbor's top team riders, has been posted online. I'm stoked to watch since I was unable to make the premiere party last November. Now presenting tonight's bedtime viewing.....

Sweet dreams of flying down mountains!